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Fast Five Series: Karishma Jamwal

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to the Fast Five Series, where we chat all things dragon boating with some of the club's members, in five short questions.

In celebration of #internationalwomensday, our next Fast Five shines the light on one of our fabulous Wonder Women - Karishma! Not only is Karishma one of our OC1 Coordinators, she's also one half of DSA's very own CK & Co catering team and a passionate advocate for our Wonder Women crew.

Why did you decide to start dragon boating and how has your experience been so far?

Dragon boating started out as just a fun thing to do on a Sunday that gets me out and about. Definitely not what I had in mind when I joined, but it’s a sport that taught me life skills, and the learning isn’t over yet. It has taught me to be tough and resilient.

As a female paddler, what do you love most about the sport and what do you find most rewarding about it?

I love how strong it makes me feel, and how comfortable I have become with my body. The feeling of trying for perfection every session, no matter how long and hard the day has been, is very rewarding, every single time.

You show a lot of passion for the DSA women's crew - what is it that drives this passion and why is it so important?

It’s so important for women to find their own space, where they feel safe, strong and supported, and get to be around other strong women. Dragon boat is one sport where regardless of age, every woman can find that connection.

You're a real OC1 enthusiast, you even bought your own kayak! What is that you love about OC1 that you love so much and why should others give it a go too?

I consider myself an accidental OC1er, considering I am not a strong swimmer. What I love about the single craft is how it gives an opportunity to work on personal feedback while doing long drills. Any improvement or gaps are very quickly visible on an OC1. Over time I worked on plonking, scooping, pause, top hand drive etc. as I progressed. And for that single reason, that opportunity to pace oneself, everyone should give it a go!

What would you say to any women looking to give dragon boating a go?

Pace Yourself. A wise Aurora paddler once told me Dragon Boating is an elite sport, and it takes up to 3 season for your body to actually start operating at the efficiency that sport demands. It’s important to maintain that balance between pushing your personal physical limits but not burning out. Finding that balance that allows you to return next season. Every season you will get stronger.

Getting ready to rock it on the water with the DSA women's crew

Celebrating DSA's 40 year anniversary (L-R: Mal, Karishma, Louise, Rania)

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