Message From Head Coach

My name is George Louie and I have been the DSA head coach/performance director since 1989. I am a founding member of DSA (formed in 1983) and have been with the club throughout this time. I have gained a wealth of experience at all levels, as a paddler, sweep and as a coach – club, state and national.

I am a life member of DBNSW since 2005, in recognition of my contribution to the sport.

I am also a L5 sweep in NSW. The highest level obtainable in NSW in acknowledgement of my high level of skill, experience and expertise. I am well qualified to instruct and mentor developing sweeps to a representative level.


Some of my key achievements as a coach speak for themselves:

  • Head coach of the 2005 NSW state team which clean sweep the state v state championships in every division and category;
  • Division coach of the 2009 Australian masters mixed team winning a gold at the nation world championship in Prague. This was Australia’s first gold medal at a world championship;
  • Division coach of the 2009 Australian masters open team winning a bronze at the world nation championship in Prague;
  • DSA senior A mixed team winning gold and silver at the 2012 world club championship in Hong Kong;
  • DSA results in the 2014 Australian National Championships
  • Senior B mixed 10s 200m – gold
  • Senior A mixed 20/s 2000m – gold
  • Senior A mixed 20/s 2000m Trans-Tasman – gold
  • Senior A mixed 10s 200m – bronze
  • Senior A mixed 20s 500m – gold
  • Senior A open 10s 200m – bronze
  • Senior A open 10s 500m – bronze
  • Premier mixed 10s 200m – silver
  • Premier mixed 10s 500m – silver
  • Premier women 10s 500m – silver
  • Premier women 10s 500m Trans-Tasman – silver

 In addition, DSA has provided paddlers for the NSW state team since 2002 and the Australian team (Aurora) since 2011.

I am passionate about dragon boating and DSA. I am extremely competitive and always strive for perfection in all facets of the sport. I understand that not everybody loves my coaching style but those that do certainly excel in the sport. As a coach, I like to demonstrate my preferred technique either by practical example or by providing video tutorials for review. I don’t beat around the bush, I tell it how it is. At times you may think I’m harsh but you will thank me later for pushing you to be the best you can be. I demand 100% commitment from the team to attend club training sessions and expect 100% effort for every drill. I will give you the same commitment & determination in return. We reap our rewards on race day when we perform to our maximum as a team.

While we must train hard to be competitive, we do find time to have a bit of fun! We are a close knit group and have numerous social events from monthly brunch gatherings, lawn bowls to teppanyaki or yum cha- great team bonding opportunities!

If you want someone with vast experience in the sport to coach you, look no further than DSA. If you want to join a club that is competitive and competes at the top level, look no further than DSA.

See you on the water!

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Sundays 8:30 am-10:30 am

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