11th September2016
By Stephanie Dooley
I very much enjoyed yesterday. It was a brilliant atmosphere, everyone was in great spirits and it seemed to me that everyone gave their best.
I’d like to shout out to everyone who filled in where needed and particularly to our sweeps. It’s not easy and that course is not clearly marked, so well done!!
Also a shout out to everyone, just being there, competing and trying your best is fantastic on it own. Well done everyone!
I’m no expert (only been paddling a couple of months) but it seemed to me that there was a big improvement in our race starts, certainly every race i was in it felt like we had great starts. And the races i watched looked excellent.
Thank you to george for all his hard work and dedication at training and trying to get us all to bring a better challenge to the other teams.
I very much look forward to the next regatta and to seeing how much we can improve.
Here is a photo of our guys going out for the last race of the day, which turned out to be a very close race. Well done guys!!

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