15th January 2017
By Milly Jones

After waking every hour the night before to make sure I didn’t miss one of the 3 alarms (yes 3) that I set for 5.30am, I packed my paddle, my snacks and a belly full of butterflies, and made my way to Penrith for the DBNSW Race 4 Regatta.

Wasn’t long before I was walking down to the boat and about to meet the dragon for the first time.   Taking my position in the boat and seeing my team dressed in our racing tops helped to calm my nerves just a little.  This was it, my first race!  I tried to remember all the things that I’ve been learning over the past couple of months and hoped that I could at least do something right and find that bit extra that George talks about.   Then it was over – did I do things right? Did I find that bit extra? It was all a blur.

Being in our Senior A Mixed team and coming first in both heats and then coming 3rd in the final was an awesome feeling for me as a newbie and what a way to remember my first regatta.   Missing out on 2nd and 1st place by such a small margin, now I understand why every second does count.

Unfortunately the Premier Mixed and Premier Women’s teams didn’t make the finals – our goal for next time.   Congratulations to the Premier Open team for making the finals after a little controversy.  The drama just added to the day.

Pizza and beer at the local followed by my drive home thinking about the day and feeling like I just ran a marathon, then realising that I probably only paddled for a maximum of 20 minutes all day.  My first regatta was over.

So what did I think of my first regatta – it was EXCELLENT!!  Thanks team DSA for all the support and making me feel a part of the team.

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