24th February 2018

By Ken

What a hectic and festive CNY 2018 Dragon Boat festival with about 60 DSA members in attendance. It started with all of us receiving photos before the crack of dawn of where were to settle for the day, thanks to our scouts for staking a place for our base of operations. A good decision to move from the afternoon outback oven to the prime luscious lawn real estate. We were the envy of many shade chasers in the afternoon. Don’t know if the proximity to a bar had anything to do with the choice. Another thanks to the other dedicated members volunteering and helping put up flags around the race site before many of us arrived.

Every direction we turned Liz was taking a photos, I’m sure to request a copy of a group photo of our four esteemed South African paddlers. As usual Ash ran a comprehensive warm up for us all to be primed and ready for our races. Shirleen’s tuning up of our timing was met with applause but only when she wanted us to clap. There was a good set of stairs (and an escalator) for those of us with dodgy knees to incorporate in our warm up. The same set of stairs was used for our team photo where GL showed the perfect technique in setting up his hair. Unfortunately there was another photo of his technique on the Prem Open Blue boat. . . not so perfect.
The Prem Mixed crews started our campaign followed by the Senior A Mixed crew who won both their heats but narrowly missing out on a medal in the final.
There was a good showing from the Ladies boat with respectable placings in their races.
Congratulations to many paddlers at their first regatta with Claudia involved in 11 races paddling and drumming.
Our Prem Open Yellow crew were devastated at having to make an early trip to the Pontoon Bar by missing out on the finals after a strong showing. For many the highlight of the day was not the disruptive celebrity race but the open tab at the Pontoon bar which was well attended. Another big thanks to the organisers! It was the perfect social opportunity for us to celebrate a most enjoyable day and relax from the rigours of a successful season. More of this good stuff to come at Nationals and the end of season party at Coco Cubano.

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