14th August 2016
By Kevan Latty

It was a beautiful fresh winters day at Penrith regatta centre as we arrived for the first regatta of the season. The buzz was alive in the grandstand as all the teams in all their various colours got their positions established and then promptly vacated to warm up before marshaling for the races.

The DSA team had a spritely warm-up led by Shirleen, which was peppered with laughter and witty repartee from many team members. This was followed up with some inspirational guidance and expectations from George with clarity around the importance of paying attention and solid 3/30 starts in order to be competitive. Brett reinforced the criticality of timing and teamwork. Michael’s query to confirm the start of 3/30 was met with heckles but was rapidly validated when someone in the engine room of the Senior A mixed team called the transition at 20, which created laughter and many jibes throughout the day and also served as a reminder to follow the plan even when hearing contrary calls.

The day of racing went well with good performance from all teams, demonstrating the competitive potential of the club for the season ahead, provided we all commit to increasing our use of teamapp and reducing the variation of fitness through our focus on technique and strength at training.
The premier open and senior A mixed teams performed well in the heats and competed in the finals with the Seniors taking silver. This was the first time in a couple of years in which we have been this competitive in this division and it was a privilege to be part of this team as a newbie. The others¬†performed well in the heats, yet missed out on finals and the ladies premier team with 16 paddlers competed well, yet weren’t able to beat the mixed club boats with full complements of paddlers. Overall it was a magnificent day and a great outcome for all DSA members and with many of us being newbies shows a promising season ahead as we increase our strength, refine our technique and synchronize our timing on the catch.
The day concluded with some well earned rehydration and sustenance at the peach tree hotel whilst sharing tips and techniques between the seasoned and newbie paddlers?.
Looking forward to Dobroyd.
Paddles up!

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