31st January 2016
By Sue Cairns

On Sunday 31st January I was among the DSA members who rose early and headed off to the beautiful Regatta Site at Penrith for the State Championships.  Our club had teams competing in the Premier Mixed, the Women’s and the Open events.

There were a lot of very experienced paddlers in our teams and 2 newbies – Simon and myself.  I’m not sure about Simon but I was nervous.  We didn’t have long to wait. We were in the third race.  All that training was put to the test and although our teams didn’t make the finals George said he was happy with the our performances.

I needn’t have been nervous.  DSA team mates are very encouraging and supportive.  They explained the race process and techniques so there were no nasty surprises – like missing a start.

It was great to see so many teams from around the state competing.  During the day I watched the other races.  I was inspired by seeing teams paddle in unison.  It looks fantastic and I’m sure it feels fantastic.   I checked the winning times for the races we were in.

Thanks to Liz for driving me to my first regatta.  George was also a passenger in Liz’s car.  On the way home I asked him what was the one thing we need to do to be more competitive.  His answer – “Get fitter”.

See you at training!

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