20th February 2016
By Vivian Yue

I could hardly believe it! In less than two months training with DSA (Dragon Sports Association) Rhodes, my coach had equipped me with the essential skills and technique for participating in my very first Chinese New Year dragon boat race at Darling Harbour!

The past few weeks leading up to the big race day have been pretty intense. We’ve been working hard on every stroke. Focusing on our strength and drive.

Even when you think you’ve done as much as you can at training, your butterflies can turn into dragons at the starting line! The only thing you can really do at the starting line is put into practise all that you’ve worked on at training to the best of your ability.

It made me feel confident that I was surrounded by great teammates who will never leave anyone behind! I started off knowing nobody in the team and have now I’ve developed friendships with people who are fun loving and have just the right amount of competitiveness.

“Are you ready! Attention! Go!”

Adrenalin kicks in, arms in full power, and you paddle like your life depends on it! You give everything you have until the very end of the 200m course!

In less than a minute, the finish line is at our tail. A solid effort had been given by all. The time difference between each boat can be a mere 0.2 of a second.

After a sigh of relief, you just want to experience the thrill of it all over again.

Dragon boat is an addictive sport. Everyone should try it!

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